Well-trained & Reliable Security Staff

in California

Lorenzo and Sharon Middlebrook are the founders of Supreme Security Services Incorporated. Lorenzo is a 20-year retired marine. He started this security business in 2005 and has been delivering excellent security solutions in California ever since.


  • Events security
  • Private security
  • Commercial security
  • Government property security

About Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing efficient and professionals security services. We employ the latest technology that is designed to meet your specific needs and budget. We keep our staff constantly updated about new and improved practices. From government sites to private apartment complexes, our experience in a wide range of security services ensures you get the best results. No matter when you need our help, we never increase our pricing.


Trustworthy & Well-Trained

Our security guards are friendly, trustworthy, and trained to protect your most important assets. When you need high-level security, you can rely on our seasoned security guards and patrol services. We are reliable and ensure the best safety.