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Our Comprehensive Services

Our Comprehensive Services

At supreme security services inc, we offer a comprehensive suite of security services designed to keep you, your assets, and your property safe. We serve clients across California, and our quick response times mean you'll never feel alone when you need us.

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Security Guard Manpower

Our on-the-ground security personnel are more than just a presence. They're trained and prepared to handle everything from suspicious activities to emergencies, offering a personal touch to your security needs. We understand the importance of having real people on site, which is why we always aim for same-day guard services.

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Vehicle Patrol

Our Vehicle Patrol service is your neighborhood watch on wheels. Our professional security guards patrol your area in their vehicles, covering more ground and ensuring your property is monitored closely. This efficient and effective service provides you with the comfort of knowing your space is safe and secure.

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Mobile/Camera Surveillance

Our Mobile/Camera Surveillance service is like having an ever-watchful digital eye on your property. We use state-of-the-art cameras to monitor your space, providing real-time updates and capturing evidence if required. This service ensures an extra layer of security that never rests.

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At Supreme Security Services Inc, your safety is our priority. Contact us today to discuss how our comprehensive security services can meet your unique needs.

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